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Garden Tips
Let our experts guide you with helpful Garden tips, Gardening how to and Gardening for beginners.
What is organic gardening? Some may say that it  is gardening without pesticides. Others may say that it's doing things in a natural way.

Still some say that organic gardening does not use any chemicals. In a way all of these answers are true. I say that true organic vegetable gardening is following a chemical free and natural way of doing things.
The most important gardening how to in starting any organic gardening project is finding and using quality soil. There are commercial brands that accomplish this quite well such as Miracle Grow potting or garden soil. These two products contain Canadian spagnum peat moss, forest humus, and more. The key thing to remember hear is to use organic material in your soil like old fashion chicken manure and earth worms. Both of these items are excellent for your organic soil makeup.
Fertilizing the soil is a big aspect of having a sucessful vegetable garden all year round. There are various types of fertilizers such as liquid, liquid foliar sprays, dry types designed around specific types of garden vegetables such as soft fruits and berries or tomato plants or even garden flowers. All of these types of fertilizers and many other gardening how tos will be talked about in my Gardening Tips  and Grow Organic Vegetable Blog.
Pesticides should be used as a last resort when all natural ways to get rid of pesky insects have failed. As an example aphids. A natural way of getting rid of these is to just use a healthy spray of water. Another way is to bring the safe and lovely lady bug insect into your garden. The lady bugs will feed and keep your vegetable garden plants free from unwanted small pests like aphids.


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